Champions are measured in action

Results are not something you get. Results are something you work for. A quest towards maximal performance in the moments that count the most. Photon Sports takes physical performance analysis to the next level. With a giant leap forward and a couple of quick steps into the future... So you can sidestep the competition.

Talent might be measured by potential.
Champions are measured in action.

The tool for coaches, physiotherapists and players.

Photon Sports enables faster, easier and completely mobile performance tracking to optimise training for youth and champion football teams, and assist in ensuring athletes are healthy.

The tool is used to plan relevant tests for the day, week, or even throughout the season. The tool is easily transported, and has a time efficient set up; the coach can run tests and collect key parameters on physical performance, all in connection to an ordinary training.

Players and coaches receive instant feedback after a test is completed, or they can analyse results at a later time. The coach has access to all the data that is collected from his/her players, and can gain actionable insights on how the team is progressing and how to plan the next training session.

Speed, Agility and Quickness

Photon sports offers easy to measure key parameters and optimize training to make the team and players be on top of their level at the right time. We make it easy to plan, test and track progress on both team and individual players. To make this happen mobility and easy setup is key.

Standing/Flying Sprint and FVP
Jump tests
Curvilinear sprint
Change of direction (COD)
5-10-5 Pro agility