Advance to the next level of performance

Photon Sports reveals the ability and the potential of athletes through the use of revolutionary technology that makes key data available. With clear insights training can be optimised so that athletes can advance to the next level of performance.

Act - perform tests
Analyse - gain insights
Adapt - make necessary changes
Advance - become the best athlete you can be

The tool for coaches, physiotherapists and players

We support your development to becoming faster, quicker, agile and more powerful.

Our tool is easily transported, and has a time efficient set up; the coach can run tests and collect key parameters on physical performance, all in connection to an ordinary training.

Players and coaches receive instant feedback after a test is completed, and they can analyse results at a later time on the Web application. The coach has access to all the data that is collected from his/her players, and can gain actionable insights on how the team is progressing and how to adapt training.

Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power

Each performance test is designed to measure a physical action specific to football. The Key Performance Indicators calculated from each test indicate the athlete’s performance ability in relation to that action.

Standing sprint/Force velocity sprint
Jump tests
Curvilinear sprint
Change of direction (COD)
5-10-5 Pro agility

Indicate Freshness

The Freshness indicator is a tailored test sequence used for indicating the level of fatigue recovery in athletes.

Inspired by science research
Easy to test
Quick - 30 seconds per player

Return to play

We believe our product can assist in keeping athletes in the game. When injuries occur we support the journey back to baseline performance.

Find imbalances
Track rehabilitation progress
Log injuries
Track rehabilitation back to baseline

The Web app

We offer a cloud based solution that enables coaches, players, physios and other relevant users to access our application from the device of their choice.

View test results, track development, compare players, and more.

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