Next generation performance tracking

Photon Sports enables faster, easier and mobile tracking of speed, agility, quickness, power and freshness. Optimise individual and team training and track development.

Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power and Freshness

A revolutionising technology for player performance tracking. Easy setup and 100% mobile solution for quick, effective testing - setting a benchmark for standard tests.

Analyze, evaluate and compare

Find the strengths and weaknesses of players to tailor and optimize performance. For the individual and the team.

Patented sensor that generates precise 3D data

Photon Sports has built an advanced 3D analytics solution that will disrupt the Sports Analytics market. Discover your baseline, areas of improvement, and what training methods are effective for increasing performance.

Measures in 3D
Fully portable
Automatic sprint profiling
Quick set-up (< 2 min)
Cloud based
Remote coaching - less travel

Our team

Jonas Sjöberg


+46 (0) 70 37 46 928

Hanna Marklund

Customer Relations

Anders Tånger


Tobias Norrfors

Customer Experience

Juliana Los

Customer Experience

Folke Vesterlund

Development Engineer


Christofer Ryås

Software Tech Lead

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